South Africa philately is a vibrant and unique way to learn more about the history and culture of South Africa. South African stamp collecting is quite popular in South Africa, where it is celebrated each year at the Joberg International Stamp Show. But the stamps of South Africa are quite possibly even more popular in other countries, where stamp collectors enjoy adding the exotic touches of South Africa to their stamp collections.

Popular South Africa Stamps

One of the most popular South African stamps has been around since 1855, before South Africa was even considered a nation. This blue, triangular stamp is labeled “Cape of Good Hope” in white letters at the base of the triangle. At that time, the entire region that is now known as South Africa was referred to as the Cape of Good Hope.

Another popular South African stamp depicts a Cape Dutch house, a standard type of architecture found in South Africa.

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Cape of Good Hope Stamp

This stamp was first seen in the early 1950s.This time period also brought forth one of the more popular stamps of South Africa which featured a wildebeest, a type of antelope commonly found in South Africa.

A more recent stamp collection that has seen great popularity in South Africa is the 2010 World Soccer Cup stamp collection. One of the first of these stamps was released shortly after the World Soccer Cup was held in Germany. It featured a wild South African dog standing on top of a soccer ball.

More recent stamps of this collection have included the King Proteas (the national flower of South Africa), wild birds of South Africa,

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2010 FIFA World Cup Stamps

a commemoration of the 150th Anniversary of the South African Railways and colorful stamps with soccer fans enjoying the Soccer World Cup.

Rare Stamps of South Africa

Fans of South African stamp collecting usually make a point of visiting the annual Joberg International Stamp Show, where the rarest South African stamps are exhibited each year. Stamps that have been exhibited here in the past include bilingual Kings Head stamps from the days when South Africa was known as South West Africa, as well as King George VI coronation stamps that were never hinged.

Other rare Sourth African stamps include:

-a complete unhinged collection of 1954 South West African stamps featuring exotic animals such as elephants and antelopes
-1973 stamps depicting beautiful landscape paintings by artist Adolph Jentsch
-1939 Huguenot landing stamps
-Bilingual Red Cross stamps
-1970 yellow and blue bilingual stamps depicting a South African landscape and diamonds
-1953 stamps in honor of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II
-1930 South African stamps featuring early airplanes

Clearly, South Africa philately is thriving. South African stamps offer collectors a fascinating glimpse into the rich cultural history of this nation. South African stamp collecting is a great way to learn more about South Africa and take part in a relaxing and enjoyable past time.

Where to Buy Stamps of South Africa

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Clubs and Societies:

The Bellville Philatelic Society, in Cape Town, meets every second Wednesday of the month in the  Bellville Library in  Bellville. They also have a useful online website with newsletters and many other useful links to south african philately sites.