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New Zealand Stamps

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Guide to The Stamps of New Zealand

When looking to expand your stamp collection it is hard for many to make up their mind as to a new direction to take. For those collectors out there bored of their same-old album pages, New Zealand has all the ingredients for a collector to create a great new section to your album. Or if you’re a collector of commonwealth stamps, then perhaps the stamps of new zealand could be an interesting addition to your collection.

From 1855, when the first set of un-perforated Queen Victoria stamps, postage stamps in New Zealand have evolved into the highly attractive designs of the 12st century. Indeed this country has a philatelic history that rivals Britain, where the first stamp was produced in 1840.

The stamps of New Zealand are as varied as many other western developed nations. Postal services in New Zealand, like neighboring Australia, were firmly established during the colonial eras. This has resulted in a wealth of philatelic history. Stamps, both rare, and the readily available, are diverse and collectible as any other region that boasts such a history. Seasonal collections, artistic reproductions and many other interesting sets are released throughout the year.

A common direction taken by collectors is that of specialization in stamps that depict animal species, famous people, monarchs and a host of other subjects. The wide range of New Zealand postage stamps issued contains plenty of opportunities for the specialized collector. Indigenous plants, animals, architecture and famous people are all examples of the diverse range of genres available to collectors.

Image result for 1906 Christchurch Exhibition Stamps
1906 Christchurch Exhibition Stamps

Old New Zealand Stamps

For those with a taste for older stamps, the 1946 Peace collection are a marvelous addition to any collector’s album. For its time, this 11 piece collection has some remarkably bright and vivid colors and it is available at a very affordable price as little as $5 for the set. The 1906 Christchurch Exhibition set are equally impressive but are rarer, over the $2000 mark, but to the more affluent avid collectors, the price tag may be a just blur.

Rare New Zealand Stamps

Rare stamps include the popular 1932 Health stamp. This interesting stamp is a desirable collector’s item due to its depiction of Hygeia, the Greek health god. Its notoriety is less to do with Greek Mythology and more to the scantily-clad maiden it bears. Collectors of erotic stamps find this example very desirable.

Image result for 1932 Health stamp
1932 Health stamp

Once postage stamps of New Zealand have become a new page in your album, you will be guaranteed that your collection will be vibrant and colorful. So take a look at New Zealand stamps, it might be what your album has been waiting for!

Where to Buy New Zealand Stamps

New Zealand postage stamps can be sought from many sources, online and on the high street. As with any item where expert knowledge is preferred, a reputable dealer is the best choice when looking for rarer, costlier item as they offer a higher protection (via reputation) against fraud.

www.sandafayre.com is one of the largest online stores  for stamp collector’s. Follow the link to their page on New Zealand stamps

http://completestamp.co.nz offers a combination of Individual items for sale, Standard catalogue offerings and Current Postal Bid Sale Listings.

http://www.stamplink.com/nz.htm provides a concise list of Auctions, collectors and traders, and stamps dealers websites specializing in New Zealand Stamps

For a list of more general websites selling stamps online please visit my stamp collecting home page.

What’s my collection worth?

http://www.allworldstamps.com/ deals in New Zealand Stamps (among many others as well) and provides a collection valuation service, for members who choose to subscribe to their service.

Ashford Stamps Limited offers a valuation service for new Zealand stamps in addition to their online auction and stamp sales

Stanley Gibbons also offers a valuation service and have an extensive database which includes stamps of new Zealand. They charge an annual subscription fee for this service

Clubs and Societies:

The New Zealand Stamp Collectors Club was founded in 1944 and is one of the larger stamp clubs in New Zealand.  Despite its name, members collect from a great many countries and thematic collecting is particularly strong within the group.

The Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand aims to be the hub for the more advanced collectors of the stamps and postal history of New Zealand, as well as experienced collectors, researchers, writers, exhibitors and judges of all philatelic tastes within New Zealand.  Eight of their members have signed the Roll of Distinguished Philatelists. They have an extensive and informative website.

Due to the popularity of philately in New Zealand there are a large number of national and local philatelic clubs and societies. Click here to view a complete list.